We specialise in management, leadership and organisational development, facilitation and mediation. We work with government, community and corporate clients across Australia and internationally.


At Monica Redden Consultancy we generate meaningful impact by focusing on the development of management and leadership.  The modern workplace demands people to be nimble, smart, thoughtful, communicative, creative, collaborative and productive.   We support managers and leaders to be curious and courageous about their work and shine a light on their skills in planning, strategic thinking, problem solving, responsiveness and effective change management.

One of our greatest strengths is our capacity to quickly distill the needs of our clients and to design and facilitate tailored processes to address these needs. We come with an open mind and neutral position, ensuring our clients have our full attention.


MRC is the Australian partner of CoachingOurselves, a management development  approach created by Phil LeNir and renowned author and management thinker Henry Mintzberg.  The approach is one of the most effective tools we have been able to provide clients in their effort to strengthen management and leadership practices in their companies and organisations.

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Monica Redden Consultancy (MRC) specialises in facilitation, mediation and organisational, management and leadership development